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Even the smallest of local businesses tend to have a website these days, so it is really important that your business has one too, no matter what it is!  Your website is often the first impression you make on your potential clients, so ensuring it is well designed, aesthetically pleasing, clean, informative and free from errors is a no brainer.

There are many sites out there that offer free or cheap “build your own” websites, but they often come with hidden catches and costs, and while they can be simple enough to use that you can build yourself a functional website, there are a few things to consider before going down the low cost route …


  • Is it really free?  Do you have to upgrade to get “premium” features, like using your own domain name?
  • Can you really make it look as good as a professional?  A poorly put together site with any mistakes can put potential clients off at the first hurdle …
  • You are never completely in control of your own site when it is built using one of these free / cheap online services
  • If you are paying a monthly fee indefinitely, you will eventually overtake the cost of having a professional site built … and keep paying
  • But the most important question is … How long will it take you to build … and how much is your time worth?

My Website Design Portfolio

These are some of my most recent sites from 2021 onwards, with older ones in alphabetical order below

Building Plastics 4 U

Building Plastics 4 U

A re-vamp of an old website for new owners, they just knew they wanted it to be clean, fresh, informative and easy to navigate.


Hawkins Mutes

Hawkins Mutes

The lovely Tony from Exotogg (see below) wanted a new website. He’d previously used a graphic designer and I built from a wireframe, but this time he wanted me to design it!

Sound Visions Instrumental

Sound Visions Instrumental

A musician, and general music enthusiast, had great plans for his website, that I helped to bring to fruition – a work in progress!

Boob Or Bust

Boob or Bust

A big, colourful and highly interactive site for an organisation helping women to measure properly and purchase the correct bra.


3 Day Doors

3 Day Doors

A site offering a one-stop-shop for quick turnaround, Cor Vision Doors.



A very visual site for a photographer to showcase his work.

Slide It

Slide It

A simple and contemporary site for a company selling Sliding Doors.


Bifold It

Bifold It

The sister company to Slide It, but focussing on Bifolding Doors.


Zoe Wren Psychotherapy

Zoe Wren Psychotherapy

A site for a London-based Psychotherapist, using famous works of art and quotes (copyright credited) to offer insight into complex emotions

graphic designed websites built

Vision Systems Aluminium

A bright and colourful, yet sleek and professional site for a company selling aluminium windows and doors.


Marketing websites


A functional and informative site for an arboriculture company, complete with plenty of imagery.


Marketing websites


Designed by a graphic designer, this stunning site has plenty of bespoke features that took some thought, but came out great!


graphic designed websites built


A calming and informative site for a psychotherapist and counsellor in London.


Website builder

Thanet Indoor Bowls Club

A website commissioned by the volunteer board of this indoor bowls club, complete with members area & shop.


Website design for small business

LJC Advanced Skincare

A website for a high end beautician, detailing treatments available plus online shop.


Charity website built for free

Inspiration Creative

A not-for-profit organisation looking for a website to showcase their work. 


Simple affordable websites

Lucy Keel, Makeup Artist

A simple and aesthetic website for a makeup artist, letting the pictures do the talking.


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A selection of older sites …
Website designed for garage

A1 Motorist Cenre

One of 3 “sister sites” for a group of garages.  


Nicola Clark designed website

A1 Black and Round

One of 3 “sister sites” for a group of garages. 


Another website by Nicola Clark


One of 3 “sister sites” for a group of garages. 


Website and SEO

AVS Glass

Visual, contemporary site for a company that does high end glass products 


Website design examples

Cambridge Data

This site was designed by a branding specialist and wireframed for me to convert to an actual online presence.


Beautiful website design

Canterbury Tiles

A radical update of an old site, offering an easy to navigate online brochure and beautiful visuals.


Professional website design

Author David Dagley

A website to showcase the work of author David C Dagley with blog for press releases.


Website design and build

Design & Build

A new website for a high end builder catering to specific clients.


Large company website

Gas Train

A professional and informative site for courses and assessments in the Gas industry. Partnered with GCS Compliance for 2 similar sites.


Websites for all businesses

GCS Compliance

A sister site to Gas Train, built to offer news and a range of information in an easy to navigate format.


Websites built from wireframe

GEMM International

Another site that was designed by a graphic designer and then given to me to turn into a functional website.


International website design

Kronenburg Estates

An international site for properties in Spain.


Cheap single page websites


A basic single page site for giving standard information on a product and encouraging contact.


Websites designed and developed

Norway Fishing

A very visual site showcasing the beauty of Norway and the fishing holidays available.


Bold, colourful website

SE Homes

A fun, colourful site for a company that purchases houses.


graphic designed websites built

Simply GSS

Another site built by a graphic designer and sent to me as a wireframe to turn into a functional website.


Marketing websites


The marketing site for an online Analysis Management Platform … which I have also built!


Website builder

WE Build Kent

Website for a local builder who was looking to appear friendly, approachable and trustworthy and showcase his work.


Examples of websites built

… and many more