Virtual Business Support

A Virtual Assistant is a business support professional that works remotely to undertake a variety of tasks to assist you in the smooth running of your business.

Perhaps you are just starting up your own business, while still trying to hold down a full time job, and need someone to be on hand to answer phonecalls, emails and deal with general day to day administration.

Perhaps you have an established business and would like to outsource some of the admin you currently do yourself. Maybe you’re looking for somebody to do your accounting, assist with some research, help with P.R and marketing, but don’t have enough work for a full or part time employee. A Virtual Assistant can step in to help with practically any business task that doesn’t require physical presence in your office, and while many people can’t quite fathom how a “virtual” employee can possibly be the lifeline they need, once they try it, they find it to be an incredibly cost and time effective way to work!

The kind of work that a Virtual Assistant does is the important, but rather time-consuming and joyless aspect of running a business … you know it needs to be done, however you want to be out there, doing what you do best, selling your business and making money. Think about how much your time is worth – whether it would be time better spent on earning more money, or personal time that you could begin to re-claim – paying someone else to keep on top of your admin can work out to be more than cost effective.

And if you’re trying to weigh up the benefits of a Virtual Assistant over an “in-house” employee, then consider this … with a VA you only pay for the time you need, and there are none of the costs associated with permanent staff or even temporary staff working on your premises. You don’t have to provide a workstation, equipment, support, pension, deal with payroll (including those costly N.I. contributions) or worry about health & safety aspects. On top of that, you don’t have to pay for breaks, sick time, holidays, uniform / specialised clothing.

A V.A. is used to knuckling down and getting things done, and can usually complete standard tasks in a fraction of the time of your usual office administrator, so once you’ve factored in all the above, the “water cooler chatting”, general faffing and Facebooking, the V.A. who costs more per hour might just work out cheaper!

A Virtual Assistant can also be of great help to larger organisations as an emergency stand-in, to cover sick time, maternity leave, holidays or even just as an extra pair of virtual hands during a busy period.

If you need any kind of assistance, but are not sure if the virtual kind will work for you, then please do get in touch and I will be happy to go through all your requirements.